Post#2: It's A Lifestyle Brand Called 'Colvon'

“Bootstrapping a business is a really challenging journey in general,” says Emily, the founder of a lifestyle brand called ‘Colvon.’ No kidding. There are probably numerous business owners and inventors that ultimately failed, gave up, or altogether quit, but they will remain nameless for good reason (no body knows who they are). Creating and running a unique and successful business is no easy task, to say the least. It’s certainly not a ‘get- rich- quick’ kind of scheme.

    For Emily, however, getting rich quick was never the goal. Fresh out of school, Emily was just 22 when she started her brand, ‘Colvon’, a self care business that has evolved from a mobile nail salon truck into an online retail brand that offers robes, candles, teas, and (of course) the latest nail care products! 

     When asked to share a challenge or obstacle that might have had the potential to hold her back, Emily describes an unfortunate instance in her life that signified ‘a true test of her dedication’ to her vision. After an ex employee intentionally damaged her truck and stole a $5000 generator, and after both the insurance and police were unable to offer any assistance, Emily found herself at a loss. It was a really challenging time for her. “I was left trying to decide if I should just cut my losses while I could, or push through and find a new way. By the grace of God I found a way to keep going”.

   Fortunate for Emily, God’s grace also seemed to pull through when the financial crisis and covid hit last year. She describes how her idea to create the e-commerce avenue came about.  “When covid hit, we introduced our retail line to help supplement income since we had to close the salon for safety.” Thankfully, the online business is doing well but it didn’t come without a cold case of trial and error.

   In regards to her entrepreneurial journey, Emily remarks on how her “mindset has really evolved after facing so many challenges ( like these) early on. So I often respond to challenges by just asking myself, “what’s your nest step?” and it helps me focus on what matters ( to not let the challenges consume my narrative.’ Emily is not driven by desperation or frustration. She is quite the opposite. Furthermore, she believes that these hardships and obstacles aren’t useless but that they ultimately serve a purpose- to teach a valuable lesson. “I always try to find the lesson and move on the best way I can”. 

     Where as most creatives might measure their success from the validation of social media likes or engagements, Emily is a more intuitive soul, remarking how her real success is found within her own validation; “I’d say I’m mostly successful at living a life that is meaningful to me- always following my heart and allowing myself the opportunity to really experience what it feels like to live freely.”  Indeed, Emily describes her ability to trust herself and create works that she is proud of, as what really motivates her personal success. 

     Although Emily has encountered her fair share of trials, she remains resilient like a diamond, moving forward in what she believes is the next right thing (for her). Thankfully, she is a discerning spirit, and freedom, persistence, and confidence are what fundamentally drives this powerhouse and self care lifestyle brand!

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  • Hi Aliyah! I think this is such a cool blog idea. That is so crazy that Emily’s ex-employee vandalized her truck and stole her money. I can’t imagine moving through that obstacle while launching a business. That is very admirable of her. I love learning about the growth of small businesses and I am excited to see who you feature next!

  • Aliyah! I absolutely love your blog and the theme you are discussing. Reading about female entrepreneurs who don’t have it easy, yet continue to persevere always inspire me. I enjoy the way you wrote this post by splitting up your narrative in small paragraphs because it was engaging to read. I look forward to reading your blog next week!

    Jenna Fishman
  • Hi Aliyah – thank you for sharing Emily’s story of being a resilient entrepreneur. It is very inspiring how she has overcome difficulties and attempted her best at making her business a success. It is great that you brought stories like Emily’s under the spotlight. Thanks again!

    Kejun Chen
  • I love learning about female founders and Emily sounds like an amazing entrepreneur. Reading this article, I was so inspired by all the obstacles that she was able to overcome. I’m really excited to continue checking up on your blog to see who you write about next.


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