Open a Business and Put Your Family On

Dear Diamond babes, 

I want to tell you all about a special woman with a very uplifting story. 

Blakeley Smart is successful at being a business owner, wife, and mother of two boys!  She is also the CEO of BLAKELEY Designs- an apparel company that not only designs and manufactures clothes likes graphic tees, but also sells accessories and sports bras for women and curvy girls everywhere.  

When asked to describe herself, Blakeley says that she’s always had an entrepreneurial spirit.  “I have done so many things trying to find that one fit! It took me many years of ups and downs, failures and successes before finally being able to create my very own clothing line! I just always go for it! No matter what the “it” may be, I try to go full force until it becomes a success!” 

Sounds like that takes some major persistence. That, and lot’s of hard work- which Blakeley fortunately finds extremely gratifying. Still, she never gave up on pursuing the success of her business, and she eventually succeeded and was able to buy her family an RV, so that she could homeschool her kids. 

“I wanted nothing more than to create memories with them while they were young. So I worked my tail off and got an RV! And we literally did school, on the road, exploring and traveling the country! I also wanted my sons to have their father around more!”...

Which is the story of how Blakeley’s husband, Craig Smart became her very first employee ( and co-partner)! Now, Blakeley is able to not only generate a successful income and creative business, but her dedication and determination have allotted her an abundance of flexibility, freedom, and time to spend with the people who matter to her most- her family. “I was able to allow him (her husband)  to retire from his sales job of 20 years. Now we get to run a business together and work side by side! We also now employee our oldest son and his girlfriend and my brother! It’s definitely a family business and I feel it is most largest and best accomplishment!”

Although Blakeley, like many other entrepreneurs of course, endured many hard challenges at times, her story is ultimately one of sheer will and confidence! 

“Along the way there were challenges. I can think of many times when I was worried about how we would keep a roof over our heads or food on the table.  But, I do like to meditate and pray and I  keep my energy focused on what’s next and I simply go for it. I have to keep going and never give up.” 

Well it is a lot easier said, than done. It’s certainly no secret that Blakeley is here for the longevity!  Indeed, Diamonds are forever. 

Thank you Blakeley! 


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  • Such an awesome story. We can all learn so much from her. It’s so important to be able to roll with the punches and this is a perfect example of why. I also love how much importance she places on family. The blog looks great as well, btw. Great aesthetic.

    Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces

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