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Hello Diamonds,

Disclaimer: If you consider yourself a ‘pretty’ girl,  please read this post: 

A Triple threat- singer, actress, and dancer.  A well-rounded Artist. Spiritual mentor.  Business Leader. 

Tanya Louise Brooks was born on February 6, 1959 in Cleveland Ohio. It was in her youth when she first discovered her gifts in the entertainment arts. She loved to sing, dance, and act and by the ripe age of 19, she was already creating her music contacts in Hollywood, singing next to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Chuck Brown the Soul Searchers, and many more.  

In 2000, Tanya started TanLouBro Entertainment, where her goal was to have a place for new and upcoming artists and entrepreneurs to train and develop their gifts and talents. In the last 20 years, TanLouBro has trained hundreds of singers, actors, dancers, public speakers, clergy, young and upcoming directors, producers, and business owners.  

At the time of this entry, Tanya Brooks is currently 62 years old, and resides in Los Angeles, Ca. Though she may be on the verge of retirement in the next few years, Tanya feels that she has earned the right to bask in all of her earthly creations thus far in her life. She looks back on her accomplishments, trials, and valuable life lessons and shares her testimony in hopes to inspire young women today. Get ready, young diamonds because this woman is about to drop some major gems. 

While it is true that her career has been a successful one, behind the glitz and glamour, Tanya worked hard to get to where she is today. Yes, “Hard work, perseverance, determination, and the level of not wanting to give up” is ultimately what motivated most of her choices. 


But in her younger years, she, like many of us, was just an ordinary girl dealing with life’s spiritual obstacles. She describes her upbringing as disturbed and broken amongst her family, remarking on how she ultimately lacked her sense of self worth. In truth, she masked this ‘worthiness’ behind a busy career as an entertainer. Tanya was still aware, however, of her insecurities, brokenness, abandonment and trust issues. She became pregnant at the age of 16  and bore a son (Keep in mind that she had a child before many women, like myself,  even think about conceiving) As if this wasn’t a challenging enough task, Tanya still pursued her career and worked a 9-5 job at a bank. 

She shares a moment in her life where she experienced a great and tragic loss; 

“The love of my life was Keith,  and I loved him so much. I went over the call of duty to please him. (At the time) I was out there in the pavement trying to sing, and Keith was my son’s manager. He was a top entertainment promoter in the city of Los Angeles, and I helped him run a night club sometimes. 

We started dating and I found out months later that he was secretly married and already had a lover. Devastated, I ended things. But I saw him again one time at the club months later. He tried to apologize and begged me to come back inside with him, but I wouldn’t do it.  A short time later, I got the news he was shot and killed. I didn’t date for years after that and it was devastating.” 

And if that story isn’t enough to make you grieve or shock you, then listen to the unexpected discoveries within her first marriage;

She describes, “My ex husband became drug addicted. He lost his job, and it grew to something more serious. When it grew to the hardcore drug, which was crack cocaine, we lost everything. I had to financially cover everything myself. I was especially lucky to have income at all.”

Following this period, Tanya divorced her husband and went homeless between 1993-1997. “I was poor and broke down after my divorce.” 

She began looking to other men and relationships to provide for her financially and emotionally. 

“I was a spoiled, cute girl, and got what I wanted. Well, turns out, that’s not reality.” 

Tanya attributes this breaking point in her life to be when she really,  “got on fire for God. I was horribly wounded and broken while I was working at my career. At that point, bitterness and brokenness had deeply set in and I didn’t know how to come out, so I had to just run to God. That drive became important.”


So what are some valuable take aways that Ms. Brooks has learned over the last 62 years?

Young girls- get over being pretty!

Sometimes we find that we are not with people for the right reasons, and we find ourselves depending on men or others for our well being, be it financial, emotional or otherwise. Well- this is not only not smart, but downright dangerous and offensive to our own power.

“You have to live life and get older. Some things you’re not going to get. (be patient Diamonds)

“Looking back now, all I was looking for was love. I don’t believe we can find our love, happiness and hope in another person.”

“There is a season and a reason when you consecrate. Set apart time for God when you’re fretful, when your’e crying, when you’re upset. You have to have discernment. It settles your spirit. It keeps you centered and motivated.”

“Learn to love yourself or it will cost you. And when you stay true to your heart and don't look back, in the end you will win.”

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