Post #1: From Divorce to Business Owner

What is a diamond and how is it formed? 


Regarding the history of diamonds, they are, “...the most concentrated form of pure carbon in the natural world, diamonds are the strongest mineral known on earth.”

Like diamonds, many women are also the result of their own form of rarity, resilience, and beauty.  Furthermore, these individuals seem to be some of the strongest creatures on earth, from having babies to facing ordinary daily difficulties. 

Katja Iverson, President/CEO of Women Deliver remarks on the power of women, describing them as,”...producers, consumers, and innovators. They are resourceful economic agents, proving every day that they can succeed, often in the face of persistent gender barriers.” Iverson concludes that without women, there would be no proper functioning economy or society able to exist.

It is not necessary that every powerful, impactful woman be a grandiose pop star or a larger than life household name either. In fact, more often than not, the most seemingly ordinary individuals carry strikingly inspiring personal stories of how they overcame many hardships and challenges in order to gain their unique victory and success.

Despite the life jolting trials, lots of women have found a way to use what they learned from their trials to bounce back better than ever! While continuing to fulfill their dreams, some even starting up their own companies or businesses pertaining to their field of interest.

For Wendy Hartschuh, a woman in her early 40’s, becoming a proud business owner of her own online company, The Lace Door, since 2016, was no easy task to say the least. After wrapping up her most financially successful year thus far, she remarks in wonder at how fast the store has grown, stating, “I will definitely have to hire some help next holiday season. I’ve been so busy, nonstop.”
Wendy, who has dealt with self esteem issues since the time of her early youth, is in many ways like any other woman handling the pressures of western societal norms. By the age of 18, she gave birth to a baby girl out of wedlock. Along with the challenge of motherhood, she  eventually was married and started a career as a trainer for new hires. Wendy married a man who ended up being mentally abusive. She eventually fell into depression. It was only after a traumatic divorce that ended an eighteen- year- old marriage, that she was forced to dig deeper as a means to provide for herself and her family. She realized that putting herself first was necessary for her growth. “Once I learned to put my all into myself instead of others, my dreams began to come alive! I learned that sometimes life throws you curveballs, but it’s about how you respond to the pressure.” After all, diamonds are made from the most intense pressure. 
In this blog, I will illustrate intimate, yet powerful examples of women who have encountered life's hardships and ultimately chose to embrace their vulnerabilities in order to radiate their divine and unique light.  If they can do it, So can you!


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  • Great blog! I really like how you related her story to the definition of diamonds. I believe sharing inspirational stories like these are awesome. Keep up the great work.

    Christian Casanova
  • Hi Aliyah, cool website and first blog post! I agree with Ms. Iverson and her assertion that women are an essential part of any functional society. This is evident through Ms. Hartschuh’s journey as both a mother and business owner. After reading the blog post, I’m curious about the specifics of Ms. Harschuh’s life and business: how did she decide to go into the industry she’s in and how was divorce a catalyst for her success as a business owner?
    Looking forward to following your blog.

    Jono Lin

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